Catamaran Resort Luau

For quite awhile now my son kept telling me he really wanted to go to the Highway…. He was adamant about this and and due to his speech apraxia it can often be difficult to understand what he is saying… He was frustrated I didn’t seem to know what the Highway was… so he threw out his arms and started to do a hula! The highway??? Hawaii!!!  I asked him if he wanted to go to Hawaii and he said , “YES!!! Mama I want to go see the dancers and eat the Luau food…”

Well, a trip to Hawaii was a bit out of reach but the wonderful staff at the Catamaran Resort in San Diego was kind enough to host us for one of their amazing luaus and make my sons dream come true! ( Be sure to check out the last blog in my series all about this AMAZING resort and what a truly blessed visit we had! ) Catamaran Resort  Walking around with my son throughout this gorgeous resort we truly felt as if we had been transported to the Islands of Hawaii. As we leisurely walked over to the Luau my son was so happy and relaxed!

He was thrilled when we arrived and a beautiful young lady gave him a lei to wear.  He still treasures this and it hangs on the wall in his room. I was handed the most delicious Mai Tai as we were escorted to our table. The atmosphere was just so lovely! It was such a joy to be part of this fun evening!

Boo was so excited to see walk along and pick his favorite foods at the enormous buffet! There was such  a wonderful assortment of items to choose from and I was happy to see him try a few new foods he hadn’t eaten before. We had so much fun talking and eating with those around us and Boo grabbed my arm in excitement as he realized that the show was about to start!

I can not thank the staff at The Catamaran Resort enough for making his 18th birthday so memorable! He even got to go up on stage and everyone sang Happy Birthday! The look of excitement and happiness while he watched this beautiful show was priceless to me… Truly they made this a day to remember for him!

He loved seeing all of the talented dancers, but the fire dancers were his absolute favorite! He gasped in awe of them twirling their fire– so magical!

As our evening came to an end, so did our enchanting trip to San Diego… I can not remember ever having such a relaxed and joyful stay! Weeks have gone by since our trip and yet my son still talks all of the time about those amazing fire dancers!

Now we are home and it’s time to start dreaming of our next trip!

Have a blessed and wonderful week everyone!

Shell Maria