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Hopes, Dreams and…Graceland??

Over the years I’ve heard people reference their bucket lists. Honestly I never understood having one. However, as I look at the calendar and realize I am now well into my 43rd year on this planet, maybe a bucket list isn’t such a bad idea. A wish list, as it were…a place to put our dreams and hopes. Perhaps a bucket list is a fabulous thing to have after all! After all, we only get one ticket on this crazy ride called life… we better enjoy it as much as we can! No regrets!! 🙂

Growing up in a small coastal town I have always been drawn to big cities. They seem so mesmerizing and full of possibilities! So naturally, the first two places of intrigue for me on my bucket list are New York City and Chicago! I have always wanted to see the sights in the Big Apple and I’d adore catching a ballgame at Wrigley Field in the Windy City.

I also have an uncanny desire to visit Graceland. I can’t explain it, it just beckons to me. I have also always wanted to visit Charleston… Maybe I have watched Gone With the Wind too many times, but it pulls on my soul…

The geek girl in me is dying to sneak a few places onto this list so I must add Vulcan, Canada! Yes, Vulcan!! I hear they have a most fascinating  Star Trek festival every year with of course, all things SPOCK!

Star Trek , comic con,

I’d also like to attend a Star Trek Convention! I’ve been of course to Comic Con and loved it! (Yes I will be wearing my blue science uniform and carrying my Phaser and Tricorder!) Keeping with the nerdgirl theme, I  must put visiting New Zealand on my list!! Not only for the tranquil beauty of this beautiful country, but most importantly because you can visit the SHIRE there!!! The SHIRE!!!!!!! Hobbit holes… ok, ok… I am swooning now… back to reality… 🙂

I would also adore the chance to wriggle my toes in the sand on a warm Carribean beach.. Snorkeling on a beautiful warm day in beautiful clear waters would be just about perfection!   Also, indulging in coffee and croissants  at a cafe while I work on my blog with a view of the Eiffel Tower wouldn’t be too bad either! 🙂 In fact, since we are such HUGE Disney fans I’d love to actually get to visit Disneyland Paris someday too!

Of course  Ireland is also on my must visit list! The green rolling hills, the beautiful images it conjures up… I truly wish to visit Ireland at some point… I want to travel the countryside staying in little bed and breakfast cottages. I want to eat in pubs and meet the locals…. I would adore soaking up the history of this beautiful country….

As summer is almost upon us and many of us are starting our vacation plans for the season, I’d love to hear from my readers– Do you have a bucket list? Where is it you hope to visit someday?

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Dreams keep our heart going…