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Meeting The Property Brothers

Watching The Property Brothers is something we LOVE to do in our house! My son Boo and I watch the episodes and talk about how we would remodel the houses if we had the chance. So when we started seeing signs all over town announcing Drew and Jonathan would be in town my son was super excited! For weeks it was all he talked about and as the day finally arrived he was positively thrilled!


Boo took a great amount of time coloring pictures to give The Brothers… He worked so hard and was so proud to take them his works of art.

My son clutched his artwork tightly as we made our way through the long line of others hoping to get a moment with the infamous Brothers. I asked Boo several times over our long wait if he just wanted to leave– loud noises and deep crowds of people usually bother him but he insisted he wanted to stay… He was just too excited at the thought of meeting these two!

As we inched our way closer and closer to the front of the line I began to worry. When meeting celebrities you never really know how they will react or treat people. As I stood in line with my special needs child clutching my hand I said a silent prayer that they would be kind to Boo… When we were about 30 people away we could see how quickly people were being shuffled up to meet them. There were SO many people there and it had already gotten fairly late yet the Brothers continued to stay so everyone who was in line could meet them.  A handler rushed by us telling us all to have our cameras out and ready to shoot and to simply hand it to the person near the front… We watched as people were ushered in to meet them in a whirlwind, quickly and efficient. I reached out to the handler as he went back by and quietly mentioned to him that my special needs son had some drawings for the guys. He went immediately up to the front then walked just as quickly back to us and took Boo by the hand saying, “Now your a VIP!” This was perhaps just a simple thing for him to offer us but truly was a highlight of my sons life!

We were ushered right up to the Brothers and both Drew and Jonathan took the time to admire his drawings. Boo beamed with happiness as Jonathan admired his drawing and told him he had great design talent! Both of them took the time to stop and give Boo attention while he tried to talk to them and were so patient. My son has speech apraxia as well as autism and it can be very hard for others to understand him yet they were so sweet and patient with him and made him feel like a rock star!

Meeting these two was such a highlight for my son and I and it was truly a blessing for me to see that they both have such amazing hearts.

I’d love to hear from my readers– Have you ever met a celebrity or if not who would you love to meet one day?

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