Dinos After Dark…

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The Phoenix Zoo is one of my all time favorite places to visit! I have been bringing my boys to enjoy family days here since before they could walk! Boo is always asking me if we can have a ZOO day! I try to take him at least twice a month… My son has Autism, Speech Apraxia and Severe Developmental Delays. He is mostly non verbal and struggles to get out complete sentences. However, when we are at the zoo and are surrounded by all the amazing and beautiful animals, he is inspired to speak more! He loves to take Mama by the hand and tell me all about the different animals and birds…. The joy in my heart as I listen to him making an effort to be more vocal is something I am ever grateful to the wonderful Phoenix Zoo for…

He was thrilled for days about attending Dinos After Dark at the zoo this week and excitedly marked down the days on his calendar! It’s always a novelty to take a trip to the zoo in the evening and this was so much fun for both of us!

dinosaurs, phoenix zoo

As we made our way to the traveling exhibit, Dinosaurs In The Desert, Boo delighted in seeing the fun lights decorating the zoo! He was chattering away about all the colors and he was all smiles when we saw a dinosaur made out of holiday lights!

dinosaurs, Phoenix zoo

Before entering the self guided tour into the land of the lost, Boo was thrilled to be given his choice of several dinosaur trading cards and an awesome field journal as a keepsake and to help us learn about the dinos on display!

dinosaurs, phoenix zoo

Boo had a great time playing archeologist and digging out dinosaur bones to explore!

dinosaurs, phoenix zoo

This experience was absolutely amazing in my opinion! Boo was THRILLED,  but as an adult…. I really thought it was fantastic! The detail and thought that went into each dinosaur is truly wonderful! They moved and sounded so real! I’m so happy to have shared this fun learning experience with my son!

dinosaurs, phoenix zoo

dinosaurs, phoenix zoo

After exiting the exhibit area, we were greeted by wonderful family activities!  It was such a relaxed and fun atmosphere!  Boo was intrigued by the Jurassic Park  SUV and Jeep! He kept asking me if we could sell my Corolla and get one ! LOL

Dinosaurs, Phoenix zoo, Jurassic park

One thing I love about events like this is meeting new people! We were blessed to meet Darren and London Stokes. They are the creative and imaginative designers of a really cool Dino boardgame– DinoMight! This is a must have item for anyone who loves Dinos!  You can find them on Facebook @DinoMightCardGame

dinosaurs, boardgames, Phoenix Zoo

After having a nice chat with Darren and London, we headed over to the dance area! Boo couldn’t stop giggling and laughing at the sight of a T-Rex dancing away in the Arizona sunset!! We couldn’t stay long  because loud noises bother Boo (Autism) but the Phoenix Zoo really thought of everything because there were plenty of quiet stations for us to explore and do fun activities together!

In one of these quieter stations was a Learn to draw Dinos station with an actual artist! Boo took my hand and pulled me towards the station. A group was gathered  being shown fun drawing techniques. My son opted to sit in the back– all those people were a little overwhelming for him but he happily started drawing a picture of the dancing T-rex we had just seen. I was asked if we wanted to move closer so I quietly explained Boo has special needs and preferred to not be in the bigger crowd. Soon the artist came over and introduced himself to us and asked my son if he could sit with him… My heart was full of joy  to see this stranger give such kindness to my son. He patiently helped Boo learn to draw a Dino and was so sweet to him. He did not have to take the time to do a one on one demo with my son and yet he did…. I am a very grateful Mama … Check out this artists brilliant work at

phoenix zoo, dinosaurs, art

dinosaurs, art, phoenix zoo

We had such a wonderful time at the event Dinos After Dark and look forward to more fun activities at The Phoenix Zoo! For all my local readers, I highly recommend a visit to Dinos After Dark!

I’d love to hear from my readers…. If you could visit a real Jurassic Park– would you?? 🙂

Dinosaurs, Phoenix Zoo