PANGAEA: Land of the Dinosaurs

** I was not compensated for this post. I received admission for review purposes. The opinions are completely based on my own experience.**


My little boy and I absolutely love anything and everything about dinosaurs and we were so thrilled when we found out an amazing dinosaur exhibit had opened near us! Conveniently located in Scottsdale, Arizona it’s an easy drive from anywhere in the Valley.

Boo was absolutely thrilled to get to go with me and he counted down the days on his calendar. The morning we were going, he raced down the staircase clutching his beloved dinosaur lovie and said he was ready to go…. It was 6am LOL….

When we arrived a very sweet young man offered to be our tour guide and teach us everything we could possibly want to know about dinosaurs… He was very patient and kind and pointed out all sorts of interesting things to Boo.

My little boys eyes were huge with wonder to see all these amazing life-like dinosaurs…. This place is absolutely awesome!!! The atmosphere and set up is a dream…. The thought and design that went into this facility is so wonderful… No details are missed, and you feel as if you have transported back to the days of the dinosaur…


There were several stations where the children can have an interactive experience and we were so blessed that they gave my little boy tickets to do many  fun activities!

Fossil Digging was something Boo really loved… He was all smiles while unearthing hidden prehistoric fossils in a dinosaur print shaped pit.

He felt like an archaeologist as he sifted thru sand at another activity booth searching for bones. He was so cute as he put on his serious face to search for bones. Putting them together was a little difficult for him because he has fine motor issues but the sweet young lady working this booth was so kind to him and helped him build it. He was so excited when he saw that the bones he had uncovered built a mammoth! “Mama!”, he said excitedly. “Mama, it’s Manny from Ice Age!”  What I thought was really cool was she put the little dinosaur in a bag for him to take home! I thought the fun was just in digging them out– I was happily surprised he got to keep it!

Boo loves drawing so much so he really loved the Etching Station! He had so much fun making dinosaur prints to take home with us!

The next station had my little boy SUPER excited! It was the Dinosaur Excavation. He was given tools to break open a dinosaur egg and see what is inside! As he chipped away each section of the egg I saw his eyes widen in anticipation and excitement of what might be inside. He was so happy when he discovered a cute little dinosaur hiding inside that he got to put in his goodie bag!!

Across the way was a face painting station. Boo does not like his face touched… at all… ( I’m sure other Autism mamas can relate…) So instead he had dinosaur painted on his arm and he was so proud of that! LOL for several days after he kept sticking his arm out of the shower because he didn’t want it to wash off…


We then headed outside for dinosaur rides! This was just the cutest thing ever! Any kid would absolutely love to ride one of these little dinosaurs! Boo was laughing and giggling  as he raced around on these!

Saving the best for last, Boo was beyond THRILLED to ride a T-REX!!! He was absolutely  living the dream as he rode this dinosaur…. He was grinning and smiling more than I have seen him in a long time! This was without a doubt one of the coolest things he has gotten to do!

As we were leaving the exhibit we picked up our photos that were taken as we had entered…. Boo loves those photos so much and gets a kick out of the fact that he’s in a pic with Dinosaurs!

As with most places, we exited through the gift shop , which I have to say has a lot of really fun and neat items! We had a good time looking around at everything and a sweet little stuffed T-Rex made it’s way home with us!

This was such a fun day for my little boy and I’m so thankful to PANGAEA Land of Dinosaurs for hosting us for the afternoon! If your planning a trip to Arizona or live in the Valley of the Sun, I highly recommend trying out this new exhibit!

I’d love to hear from my readers: What is your favorite museum you have ever visited?