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The Pick of the Patch…

Boo and I were excited to be gifted tickets to the Schnepf Farms Pumpkin and Chili Party!  We have been blessed to attend before and every time we go it is such a fun and amazing experience! With temps still in the 90’s here in Phoenix, it has yet to really feel like fall to us… Yet, being at the farm was so fun and we felt immersed by the fall spirit! This is a wonderful family farm that makes you feel like you are transported away from the city.

pumpkin patch
There’s so much to see and do here… you could easily spend the whole day!

As soon as we entered Boo was excited to see they were doing face painting! Boo has sensory issues and does not like his face to be touched but the young lady kindly painted him a ghost on his arm and he was so happy! After, we walked over to the Train Depot and we had a wonderful chat with the conductor as we waited for the next train ride. Boo was grinning ear to ear when the kindly conductor let him sit at the front of the train and showed him how to make the train whistle blow!

pumpkin party
“driving” the train!
pumpkin party
Boo showing off the Ghost drawn on his arm 🙂
pumpkin patch
We had a lovely chat with the friendly train conductor!

After our train ride we headed over and spent time at the Petting Zoo before having a blast riding the roller coaster and other fun amusement rides.  After all that fun Boo was ready for a snack so we headed over to the Country Store and Bakery where he enjoyed homemade pumpkin pie complete with whip cream! He loved every single bite!

Full of energy from his delicious pumpkin pie, we headed over to take a Hay Ride! The ride was relaxing and so much fun! Boo loved sitting on the hay as we leisurely rode around the farm looking at all the awesome sights and fun things to do! He was especially excited to see Reindeer that he promptly told me must work for Santa and they were having a vacation in Arizona 🙂

Boo was excited that our hayride was pulled by a tractor!

Boo’s eyes lit up when he saw they had a corn maze! Honestly…. I was not sure I wanted to do this because I have a weird fear of getting lost… I know. I know… it’s just silly but what can I say? 😉 Anyhow, Boo was thrilled to do this and I was not about to squelch the fun– so into the maze we went! I am so glad we did! Boo led the way like a champ and we laughed and had fun the whole time! It was great time and when he finally led us out of the maze he was super excited and proud of himself!

corn maze
Boo leading me into the corn maze 🙂

Finally it was time to head over to the pumpkin patch and search for the great pumpkin! Boo was thrilled looking at so many, checking for just the right one. He looked them all over with great seriousness and took his time looking them over. We were in no rush so I just let him take his time and enjoy the moment. He laughed with happiness as he found the pick of the patch— he had found the perfect pumpkin to bring home and carve with Mama! He was so proud to show me the one he picked–and for me the joy was in watching my little boy excited to be here at this amazing farm…

pumpkin party
Boo with his perfect pumpkin!

Boo has autism as well as severe developmental delay– he is 17 but developmentally around 7 or 8.  I will always have a little boy with me who is thrilled to pick out his Halloween pumpkin and we will always do so here at Schnept Farms.  Not only is it an amazing family friendly place to visit, I have noticed upon every visit we have here that the staff is especially wonderful with with special needs families as well. Everyone we came across during our visit was amazingly kind and helpful with Boo.

pumpkin party
Boo LOVES finding old cars and trucks and was thrilled to see this one at the farm 🙂

I’d love to hear from my readers– What has been your fave fall memory so far this year? And to my local readers— I strongly suggest a visit  with your family to Schnepf Farms Pumpkin and Chili Party to make some unforgettable  memories of your own! I heard from a neighbor today that our local grocery chain Frys offers discount tickets. Be sure and check out their website too because they have other amazing festivals throughout the year that are fun for the whole family!


pumpkin patch
This wonderful farm put us into the fall spirit! 🙂




  1. Looks like you all had such an amazing time. Pumpkin picking is one of my very favorite things to do during October. I love all the fall festivals and apple picking. Sounds like this is a must visit patch. It’s so nice to see a smile on a face and thank you for sharing your journey with autism with us ❤️

    1. Hi Jamie 🙂 Thanks so much! It was such an amazing and relaxing day 🙂

  2. This looks like so much fun! Southern California has also been very warm so it’s hard to get into the autumn spirit. I’ve always wanted to go on a Hay Ride but the corn maze would freak me out a bit. haha Looks like you had a blast!

    1. Hi Nina! We had an awesome time!! 🙂

  3. Very cute pictures and story, sounds like you guys had so much fun! I’ve been meaning to go to a pumpkin patch, and now I’m so inspired/motivated to go!!

    1. Thanks Kayla! 🙂

  4. This post epitomized all the things I love about fall! Pumpkins, corn mazes, bakeries, and pumpkin pie! Looks like a lovely day.

    1. Thanks Jessica! It was such a wonderful and blessed day! 🙂

  5. Lots of love to Boo. Oh, we hardly have such events, I would have to love to go. But corn Maze freaks me out, I am amazed how brave Boo is to lead the way. Glad you had an incredible day.

    1. Thanks so much sweetie! We had such a great time and Boo was so brave leading the way in the maze! 🙂

  6. Schepf Farms sounds terrific. This post makes me nostalgic for when we lived in Phoenix. Look at those beautiful skies! Over here (Manchester, UK) it’s great weather for growing pumpkins – but so grey and wet and miserable. I know where I’d rather be 😉

    1. Hi! I’d love to visit Manchester one day 🙂 Spending time in the UK is on my bucket list 🙂

  7. peanutandcounting

    Awwww it looks like he enjoyed himself and the weather there looks amazing!

  8. It looks like a fun place. Going to a farm can be fun. I live in a crowded city, sometimes life away from the city can be rejuvenating.

    1. Hi Vinil! It is so nice to get out of the city a little bit 🙂

  9. Pumpkin patches that offer more than just picking a pumpkin are my favorite to go to. We have one about 20 minutes from us and they offer a lot of the same amenities that Schepf Farm. It is also our go to for picking pumpkins.

    1. Hi Cia! I’m so happy for you that you got to experience a similar experience 🙂

  10. I think my fav fall memories to date is just going back to my parents’ for the holiday. Because it is always so lively and fun!

    1. Hi Corinne! I love going home too… makes me feel like a kid again so happy and safe 🙂

  11. That sounds like a fun day! I love when pumpkin patch places have other fun activities too! I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to go to one!

    1. Hi Diana! It was so much fun! 🙂

  12. This seems like a fun day! We took our granddaughter to the park where they had a small pumpkin patch and she let out such a scream and followed with “THE PUMPKIN PATCH IS OPEN!” I had no idea it had just opened and we were the 1st to take her this year! LOL It’s funny how kids get so excited over something like a pumpkin patch 🙂

    1. Hi Sandra! What a cute memory of your sweet little granddaughter!!! 🙂

  13. We need to get our booties down to Schnepf farms soon for new pumpkin patch photos. It’s a great place to go for October family traditions.

    1. Hi Melanie! I absolutely adore this farm! 🙂

  14. Shannon

    Looks like you had a great time. We just visited the local patch today, our trip looked a bit muddier than yours.

    1. Hi Shannon! We had such a lovely time! 🙂

  15. Nothing can match such good memories, plus everything caught on camera makes it a winner!

    1. There is nothing better than making memories with the family 🙂

  16. What a great experience. I like to know how it feels riding a small train!

    1. Hi Maria! I think the train was one of his fave parts of the day!! 🙂

  17. Naomi n

    Looks like you had a great time! We’re planning to go pumpkin picking this week too. Hope we have as much fun.

    1. Hi Naomi! I hope you had a lovely time at the patch! 🙂

  18. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    The pumpkin patch is really awesome. Boo seems that he really enjoy that day. Especially when he picks the right patch.

    1. Thanks Angela! 🙂

  19. You’re right that trip to the pumpkin patch is when we really fall for fall around here too. Lools like you guys enjoyed yourself glad you had a great start to the season.

    1. Hi De! This absolutely put us into the fall spirit! 🙂

  20. Cute photos! I picked out my pumpkin this weekend too. unfortunately, it was snowing and it was freezing so I couldn’t take cute photos. Maybe when I carve it 🙂

    1. Hi Steph! I wish it was snowing here LOL….. it’s still in the 90s today 🙂

  21. Shubhada Bhide

    Boo seems like he really enjoys picking the right patch. Such a great experience to him. I really love seeing his face when he found the right pumpkin, so adorable.

    1. Thanks so much Shubhada! He was so full of excitement and happiness! 🙂

  22. I can see Boo truly enjoyed his tour at Schnept Farms.

    By the way, those are huge pumpkins. Never saw anything like them here in the Philippines. Cool!

    1. Hi Roy! The farm had such a huge selection of Pumpkins!!! 🙂

  23. This looks like a perfect place to capture the photos and enjoy your time. Yesterday only saw another friend who has posted about pick of the patch.

    1. Thank you Pooja! 🙂

  24. It looks like you guys had a great time out there. Lucky you to attend such a party. I love pumpkin!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  25. This looks like such a fun day! I love pumpkin patches and all the fun extras like hay rides and pumpkin pie 🙂

    1. Thanks Courtney! 🙂

  26. What an amazing way to enjoy the festive season. The colors and foliage are something I adore. Beautiful! I love the hayride part. Sounds like tons of fun. Great family time.

    1. Thanks Stephanie!! 🙂

  27. Love the look on his face! My toddler got to go to the pumpkin patch with her papa.

    1. Hi Misty! That is so sweet she got to go with her Papa 🙂 What a fun memory for her 🙂

  28. I wish we could do something lie this here, but people do not celebrate Halloween much here.

    1. Hi Sheri, It is such fun!

  29. What a wonderful day! It looks like the whole family had fun, and that there were very kind and special employees there that really took the time to understand your son and provide him with a great experience.

    1. Thanks Ashley! I felt very blessed to have the kind of experience we had at this farm…. They truly have amazing hearts…

  30. I went to a pumpkin patch last weekend and I felt like I was in Halloween heaven.

    1. Hi Luci! I’m so glad you got to have some pumpkin patch memories too 🙂

  31. I’m probably the only person that barely eats pumpkins. They’re so loved during the fall. I like seeing orange decor.

    1. Hi Oyinkan! I actually have a friend who can’t stand anything pumpkin flavored 🙂

  32. Omg this looks amazing ! Great pictures I have always wanted to go to a pumpkin farm and ride a tractor! Such a shame I am in the wrong country for the season. Morgan x

    1. Thanks Morgan!! 🙂

  33. Aw looks like you and Boo had a great time. I feel you about that corn maze though haha.Want 8 there a scary movie with one? Don’t you love Autumn?

    1. Hahaha Ching… I totally think there was a scary movie about one… Yes I totally love Autumn!!! 🙂

  34. This Mum At Home

    We do not have anything like this in Australia !! I see over there so many people going to these places and looks so fun !

    1. Hi! They are such a fun relaxing day! We love doing things like this as a family 🙂

  35. Sounds like you guys had a blast! How fun! Going to the pumpkin patch is one of my favorite family activities. My family went earlier this month.

    1. Thanks Cara! 🙂

  36. Looks like a wonderful family farm to visit away from the crowdness of city.

    1. Hi! It was a nice little escape from city life 🙂

  37. Oh it looks like you and your son had such a wonderful time. The smile on his face is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Jenni! He was so happy all day 🙂

  38. The farm seems awesome! Yes, Boo certainly DID pick the perfect pumpkin! Yay for him! 🙂 I wish we had a farm like that in IL too!

    1. Thanks so much Patricia!!! 🙂

  39. My fave fall memory so far is visiting gardens in Japan. They have an odd effect of relaxation on you. Kinda weird. Almost hypnotic! Loved the write-up and that your kid had so much fun!

    1. Hi Sreekar! Your memory sounds absolutely lovely and very relaxing!!

  40. How fun! What a great way to bring in the holiday. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, love your pictures. 😉

    1. Thanks so much Andrea!! 🙂

  41. What a special and fun trip! I love Fall and picking out pumpkins to carve later(and make pie) are some of my best memories.

    1. Hi Gloria! There is nothing better than fresh pumpkin pie !! 🙂

  42. Oh, what fun! He picked the absolute perfect pumpkin! We really need to do that soon, Halloween is coming up so soon!

    1. Hi Corinne! I hope you had fun picking the perfect pumpkin 🙂

  43. Looks like you had a blast. Wish I could go there with my kids, they’ll love that train ride.

    1. Hi Melissa! It was a blast! 🙂

  44. This looks so fun! I need to take my daughter to a Pumpkin Patch this year.

    1. Thanks Kendra! 🙂

  45. This sounds like such an amazing time. Those photos are adorable too! My favorite fall memory so far is our recent trip to Big Bear. The fall colors are just gorgeous!

    1. Hi Megan! I grew up in California and I LOVE Big Bear!!! 🙂

  46. hal

    looks like a great time – if it means anything to you even here in the northeast where we should be in the throes of fall it’s still so warm & muggy!

    1. Hi Hal! The weather sure does seem to be odd this year everywhere….

  47. Aww this looked like lots of fun, so much to do! x

    1. Thanks Abbie!! 🙂

  48. What a fun fall for you! So much happiness in those photos. We are making our corn maze trip this weekend, but we have taken our fall pictures while decorating pumpkins and they look amazing!! This is our favorite time of the year!!

    1. Thanks so much Maranda!! 🙂

  49. We haven’t done much this fall yet. I’m so behind!

    1. Hi! I totally understand! Our Mama lives can get so hectic 🙂

  50. Joline

    What an awesome day! It doesn’t feel like fall here either although it feels a little bit colder today. I would totally do the corn maze 🙂

    1. Hi Joline! I ended up loving the maze and it was my first time doing one 🙂

  51. Woah a pumpkin and chilli party sounds epic. I love that your son will always be excited about picking out pumpkins and it is great that his eyes lit up when he saw the corn maze x

    1. Thanks so much Ana!!! He was so thrilled about going and super excited to see the farm with Mama 🙂

  52. It looks like you had lots of fun. We haven’t been to a pumpkin patch this year.

    1. Thanks Carmen 🙂

  53. Looks like you had such a great day! I’m so thankful you got to experience this together and be so blessed!

    1. Aww… Thanks so much Becca! It was such a wonderful day together 🙂

  54. Lacey

    My kids would love this. Lots of fun!

    1. Hi Lacey! So much family fun!! 🙂

  55. Oh my! What an amazing experience with the family! I’m glad you all had so much fun. I love the fact that they have different activities prepared!

    1. Hi Carol! They had so many fun family activities! We didn’t even do them all and we had a super fun day! 🙂

  56. Eloise

    I’ve never visited a pumpkin farm but it looks very fun! I love how colourful pumpkins are. They make great photos. There was some in the gardens of a castle I visited in France, and they looked awesome!

    1. Eloise I am so jealous right now… I dream of standing in a garden at a castle in France…. sigh…. one day… 🙂

  57. What a fun outing! I enjoyed reading about all the fall festivities, especially the corn maze and petting zoo. Sounds like a wonderful time!

    1. Thanks Bekah!!! 🙂

  58. This looks like such a fun outing. Our family makes it a point to go apple and pumpkin Picking each year.

    1. Hi Emily! Apple picking is on our family bucket list! 🙂

  59. This is so sweet. You made that kids day! Good job momma

    1. Aww… thanks Jacki!! 🙂

  60. Perfect pumpkin patch visit to help you get the feel of Fall. It is really amazing to go free in such farms with kids, its helps in exploration and just unwinds us from the daily stress:)

    1. Hi! 🙂 It truly is a relaxing experience!

  61. The fact that you are an amazing mom shows on the smile of Boo. Good job picking up Pumpkins and parenting done right!

    1. Aww…. thank you so very much…. I feel very blessed to be his mama 🙂

  62. Emma

    This sounds like such a fun day! That maze looks pretty cool! I am so excited to go pumpkin picking this week with my little ones – it really gets you in the spirit! x

    1. Hi Emma! I hope you have a lovely time pumpkin picking with your little ones! 🙂

  63. Wow this place looks amazing, and it’s lovely to hear they were so accommodating to Boo 🙂 x

    1. Thanks Emily! 🙂

  64. Wow! Glad that you had a great time with Boo! Happy Halloween! 😀

    1. Thanks Kirstie! 🙂

  65. Looks fun! I love this time of year and all the farms and festival stuff!

    1. Thanks Ryan! I love fall!

  66. This looks like a fun day! I love pumpkins, bakeries, and petting zoos…yes even though I’m an adult I adore petting zoos.

    1. Hi! I love petting zoos too 🙂

  67. Jos

    Looks so fun! A visit to the pumpkin patch is a must in the fall!

    1. Thanks Jos! 🙂

  68. How fun! We love family farms around here – especially this time of the year. We recently went with our son, too and had a great time! It looks like the farm you went to has lots of things to do. That’s awesome!

    1. Hi Mary! I’m so glad you got to go to one of these amazing farms too 🙂

    2. Thanks Mary! 🙂

  69. Oh my goodness, this looks like such a fun place! I’m glad you all had such a great time together. There’s just something about a pumpkin patch in fall!

    1. Thanks Corey! We had a lovely day!

  70. Naomi

    This looks like such a fun day out! Glad you guys had such a good time.

    1. Thanks Naomi! 🙂

  71. What lovely pictures. I really want to take my children to a pumpkin patch this year as we have never been before and I think they will really enjoy it. It looks like so much fun. xx

    1. Thank you Tanita! 🙂

  72. Kaycee

    This is so sweet! I’m glad you had a great day with your son! We love going out to our local pumpkin patch! This is my favorite time of year.

    1. Hi Kaycee! We love the fall too!! 🙂

  73. Jen

    I always loved taking my kids to the pumpkin patch and apple picking in the fall and I’m definitely sucker for a hayride! It sounds like you had an amazing day!

    1. Thanks so much Jen! Boo and I had such a lovely day! 🙂

  74. That sounds like such a fun & lovely day! Corn mazes have always been my favorite

    1. Thanks Alison! 🙂

  75. This sounds like a fun day, I like all the pictures. I am so excited to go pumpkin picking with my kids this weekend.

    1. Thanks Preet! 🙂

  76. What a fun place to visit with the whole family! This reminds me of a couple of the family events my youngest daughter and her family (including 3 of my granddaughters) have gone on recently. It’s especially wonderful to take time to do things like this while kids are young enough to enjoy it and make memories they can cherish.

    1. Hi Dr. Banks! We absolutely made some wonderful memories this day… I cherish the moments with my kiddos and love family time so much… 🙂

  77. Looks like you had so much fun at the pumpkin patch! I still haven’t gone shopping for my pumpkins yet, but maybe I’ll grab one this weekend.

    1. Hi Whitney! We had so much fun! 🙂

  78. I love this! It looks like you guys had a great day. We have places like this near us and the kids always enjoy them. Heck, we do too! As far as fall favorite thus far, we painted pumpkins last week. The kids had a blast!

    1. Hi Shawna! We love painting pumpkins too! 🙂

  79. That’s do awesome! Seems like you guys had a really great time, understandably though, I would of had a blast too! Face (or arm) paint, miniature train, cart being pulled by tractor. It’s like a dream farm and all those pumpkins! Not to mention super jelly of your guys amazing weather. It’s freezing where I live. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww… thanks so much Miss Jess!! 🙂

  80. Awesome place and amazing pictures .

    1. Thanks Aradhana 🙂

  81. Awww it sounds like it was he perfect gift- looks like Boo had a great time🙌

    1. Hi Suncana! He had so much fun picking out that perfect pumpkin 🙂

  82. How fun! My favorite fall memory so far this year has been the Pumpkin Dash – the kids in town dress up in their costume and race. It’s pretty cute.

    1. Hi Karla! That sounds so fun!!!

  83. That’s so much fun! I ,can’t wait until my little boy is interested in doing things like this. I love that they were so friendly with your family. Such sweet spirits.

    1. Thank you Jane!

  84. Jen S

    This looks so fun! I still love pumpkin patches even as an adult haha.

    1. Hi Jen! Me too! 🙂

  85. this looks like such a fun day. we went to a pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago but i didnt take any photos (totally forgot!). i really wish i had, it was such a good time.

    1. Hi Dawn! I’m so glad you guys had fun at your Pumpkin Patch too 🙂

  86. Shannon Sawicki

    Looks like a great time with some great weather. We were fortunate enough with blue skies but our patch was much muddier.

    1. Hi Shannon 🙂 We were so blessed with this lovely day 🙂

  87. What a fun fall trip! It sounds like your family had a blast. I’m always up for anything pumpkin + chili!

    1. Thanks Natalie!

  88. Looks like so much fun! Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks so very much!!!! 🙂

  89. I love pumpkin patches! I’m right there with you, it’s been so hot in Florida it hasn’t felt like fall but pumpkin patches and fall festivals are the perfect thing to get you in the festive spirit.

    1. Hi Christina… we were in Florida back in May and we really loved it! 🙂

  90. Sarah

    Great pics! Woah 90s that is hot! Looks like you guys had a great time together 🙂 what a fun family day!

    1. Hi Sarah… ya… too hot LOL… we are still running the AC 🙂

  91. This looks like so much fun, haven’t been to a pumpkin patch in years. Glad y’all had a lovely family time.

    1. Thank you Aitza!

  92. Barbara Alfeo

    Looks like a super fun day!

    1. Thanks Barbara!

  93. Oh I just love pumpkin patches. I’ve only been to two but they’re always so much fun, especially the train rides and apple ciders.

    1. Hi Jennifer 🙂 My son loves the apple cider too 🙂

  94. It sounds like a fun day for you guys! I love going to pumpkin patch in the fall. There are so many things to do there and it was so fun.

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  95. We love pumpkin paths. I hope Lyle still loves them when he is older.

    1. Hi Magen 🙂 I’m sure he will 🙂

  96. We traditionally would hit the corn mazes and pumpkin patch every fall, but we missed this year’s! Your pictures and descriptions made me wish we had been able to go! We did do apple orchards though, so that’s at least something. Looks like you had a great time!

    1. Hi Amy! I wish we had apple orchards here…. that sounds lovely 🙂

  97. The corn maze looks really fun. It would also be exciting to play with the pumpkins.

  98. Thanks so much Zulema!

  99. Wow, what a lovely way to pick a pumpkin for the family. I especially loved the pictures with Boo and the pumpkin. He looked so happy and excited. I couldn’t be more proud of the way you are parenting boo.

    1. Aww… thanks so much Rakhi!!!! I feel so blessed to be his Mama 🙂

  100. Pumkin and chili party – what could be more wonderful event to join than that! Sometimes people think that autumn is so boring but when there’re different seasonal happenings around it makes the season so interesting and fun. I don’t know why but seeing pumpkins makes me smile and gives a happy feeling.

    1. Hi Tiina! Seeing all the pumpkins makes me smile too 🙂

  101. I`ve heard of this fun activity before but I`ve never done it. We don`t have a big commercialized Halloween culture here besides the religious aspect of it.

    ❀ Grace ❀

    1. Hi 🙂 Here in the states Halloween is pretty much celebrated as a super fun day for all… I remember way back when I was little the excitement of selecting a pumpkin to carve then going trick or treating with my little brother 🙂

  102. Wow, a pumpkin patch, reminds me of Cinderella~ Did you guys try to bring one home and do some halloween pumpkin fun?

    1. Hi Tiffany! We had so much fun carving it together and we saved seeds to try our hand at growing some later 🙂

  103. Looks like such a fun day! I still need to take my son to the pumpkin patch. This one looks awesome!

    1. Thanks Victoria! 🙂

    2. Thanks Victoria!

  104. sadhna shanker

    Wow a pumpkin farm is so colourful to look at. It seems to be a great experience. Near nature it is always relaxing and invigorating!

    1. Hi Sadhna! We find them relaxing too 🙂

  105. Thank you Zulema! 🙂

  106. This is wonderful and y’all had a great time especially your son! Love the nickname Boo btw not sure what the meaning is but awesome! Picking out big orange pumpkins with kids is the best so fun making memories.

    1. Hi Tosha! When he was born he was almost 3 months preemie and super small…. he was so tiny his dad made the comment,,, “He could fit in my boot and somehow we then started calling him “Boots” as the years went on it got shortened to Boo but I’m not sure when 🙂

  107. Looks like you guys had a blast! I love this time of year, Fall is my favorite season and I love all these pumpkin!

    1. Thanks Nina! Fall is so awesome! 🙂

  108. So far this year, my favorite memory was taking my kids to Minefaire. They loved it. They were able to meet their favorite Youtube stars and really connected with some new young gammers like themselves.

    1. Hi Elle that sounds really fun! 🙂

  109. This looks like so much fun! It just reminded me that I was planning to take my 2yo to the pumpkin patch here in South Florida. I think our weather is the same, so my sentiments are similar to yours about it not feeling like fall. I’m glad Boo enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks Esse! 🙂

  110. Looks like you and your son had a lot of fun. Nice post.

    1. Thanks Colleen 🙂

  111. Looks like you had a great time at the pumpkin patch! If take that weather over our cold and wet Chicago weather! We like to go apple picking as our fall tradition but the stormy weather and rain made it impossible this fall. 😣

    1. Hi Ria! Apple picking would be so amazing….

  112. I have not been feeling well lately because of blood glucose fluctuations. So there was no trip to the farm for us this year. Nevertheless, my sons did drive down to the nearby farms for apples and the roundest set of pumpkins I have ever seen!

    1. Hi Eilee! I hope you are feeling better soon…. being diabetic I can understand how glucose fluctuations effect how we are feeling….

  113. This is such a lovely activity picking a pumpkin with a munchkin. Loved your post and loved all the pictures.

    1. Aww thanks so much Jiya!! 🙂

  114. Love this time of year and these places!

    1. Hi Ryan! We do too! 🙂

  115. The corn maze looked like so much fun!! What a great way to spend the day.

    1. Thanks Candice!! 🙂

  116. Looks like you guys had such an amazing time!

    1. Thanks so much Nakia! 🙂

  117. This is so cool. I wish I can take my little one to a pumpkin patch. Must be a nice tradition.

    1. Thanks Karen! He looks forward to the patch every year 🙂

  118. Looksnlike you had a great day! I have a brother and brother in law with aspergers so appreciate how hard it can be

    1. Thanks Mary! I had such a lovely day with my little boy 🙂

  119. Pumpkin patch sounds to be fun! We don’t typically grow pumkins where I live. I would love to spend a day like this.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your welcome! Thanks for reading 🙂

  120. It looks like you had a wonderful time at the pumpkin patch! You should resize your photos to make them larger. If you click on them, they become full-size, but that would be a great way to show off the great pictures of the pumpkin patch!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I appreciate the feedback 🙂

  121. That is so wonderful that the staff is so sensitive to the needs of families with members with differing abilities and special needs! What a great place to visit!

    1. Thanks Flossie! It was such a wonderful experience for us 🙂

  122. Looks like you guys had a great time at the pumpkin patch! Loved this post 🙂

    1. Thanks Suzanne! 🙂

  123. Aarika

    I love pumpkin patches, and it looks like this one is so fun and family friendly. Face painting, train rides, pumpkin choosing . . . oh my! Thanks for sharing your pumpkin patch adventures with us.

    1. Thanks Aarika! 🙂

  124. This is one of the things that I love doing with the kids when Autumn decides to roll in! I think it’s nice that you guys had so much fun while in the pumpkin patch!

    1. Thanks AnnMarie!

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