The Westin Kierland (Review)

I was blessed to have a staycation with my little boy at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa. We were so excited to go! Boo was thrilled because he loves staying in hotels when we travel and I was looking forward to a break from our daily grind without having to travel too far… Located in beautiful  Scottsdale, Arizona this gorgeous resort is only 45 min from my home… I was intrigued with the idea of a mini vacation so close to home!


As we drove up to the property I felt almost like we were in one of those old time movies I love so much. There was a feeling of that Hollywood glamor as we drove in past a beautiful tree lined entrance and the resort stood before us. As I pulled up , a valet  immediately opened my door for me and asked how he could help me. I have to be honest— this girl is SO not used to a gentleman asking her what she needs— I could so get used to this life LOL 🙂 Anyhow, not having to worry about my luggage, car, etc was a relief and I felt I had already left my everyday world behind and entered my staycation….

This was an elegant hotel yet still family friendly…. Everyone was so kind to Boo and made sure he had a lovely time as well! Upon check in we were directed to the Kids Club where Boo was given a fun passport to collect stamps from areas around the resort that he could turn in for prizes.  He was so excited and when we were done we headed up to our room where our luggage was already waiting for us.

Our room was absolutely serene. We had plenty of room to move around and relax and we had a gorgeous balcony view of Scottsdale.  Our beds were so comfy and I absolutely loved the beautiful and relaxing view from our room .  Boo was thrilled with the huge bathroom with a deep soaker tub and a seperate rainfall shower….  We quickly unpacked and headed down to the pool!

Walking thru the lobby was almost like being in an art gallery…. waterfalls, interesting paintings and sculptures…. We spent some time exploring the grounds and exploring the ballrooms before heading outside.

Discovering artwork at Kierland!

In the lobby , we also met Jeremy at the Concierge. This young man made sure our entire stay was perfect, fun and relaxing and we are so grateful to him!

Making new friends!

We headed into the main pool area and Boo  grinned with excitement ! We were cheerfully greeted and handed two fluffy pool towls as we headed past a sea of umbrellas and relaxing lounge chairs. I let Boo pick our spot then we made our way to the lazy river. We blissfully floated down the river, splashing in the pool and sliding down the waterslide!

Kierland Resort Waterslide fun!

The lifeguards on duty were so kind to my little boy and were happy to help him whenever he needed it! Skye was an especially helpful young man who made sure my son had a fabulous time!

Poolside fun!

The entire staff here I felt went above and beyond to make him feel like a rock star and it meant the world to me… Boo was beyond thrilled when his lunch was brought poolside and he ate stretched out under an umbrella! We had such a lovely and relaxed day!

relaxing like a movie star!

After supper, we decide to explore the resort some more and were treated to breathtaking views and to our delight we were able to listen to a true Scottish Bagpiper! After enjoying the music, we stopped back in the lobby where the Sweet Shoppe was setup…. So many beautiful and decadent desserts to choose from! Boo was beyond thrilled to pick two scrumptious desserts!

kierland resort views

kierland resort bagpipers

The Sweet Shoppe

The next morning dawned bright, beautiful and happy as our breakfast was delightfully delivered and we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in bed! Our meals were amazingly delicious  and after enjoying them we headed back down to the pool for a relaxed and fun day!

Speaking of relaxation, we were also blessed with a little pampering at the hotel spa, Agave, The Arizona Spa.  Boo enjoyed an Executive Upkeep For Men Manicure and I had the blissful Salted Lime and Tequila Pedicure! Feeling totally relaxed and happy, we headed back to the pool for more fun on the waterslide.

kierland resort

The highlight of our staycation was Boo getting to ride The Kierland Flowrider! Normally there would be several people at a time on this ride. Due to Boo’s special needs he had a private session with an amazing young lady, Jaylee, who was so sweet and understanding with him.  She was so kind and patient… We were so blessed to have this wonderful young woman helping us. My little boy was thrilled to do something he could never do out at the ocean!  To see his eyes light up… to see the joy in his face as he bodyboarded was something I can’t thank Kierland for enough…. Kierland gave my special needs little boy the opportunity to do something and have an experience he could never do outside of this environment. Almost two weeks later my son is still talking nonstop about how  he learned to “surf”…  As a mom, watching him full of excitement to do something other kids take for granted filled my eyes and heart with happy tears— Jaylee & Kierland , from the bottom of my heart– thank you for the experience my son had with you!!!!

Boo had the time his life!!

For any of my readers coming to visit the Phoenix area, I highly recommend a stay at The Westin Kierland! Our stay was beyond relaxing! For my local readers– I suggest a staycation at this lovely resort! Just a short drive from home yet you will feel like you escaped to another time….  As summer comes to an end and fall is upon us , I’d love to hear from my readers: If you could choose an end-of-summer-retreat, where would it be?




  1. Callie

    Sounds like a dream!

    1. Thanks Callie! It really was! 🙂

  2. This place looks absolutely brilliant! I too have kids with special needs and it warms my heart how well your son was accomodated which meant you had such a lovely time!

    1. Hi Star! Everyone in the resort was so wonderful to my son!

  3. This sounds great – a mini vacation, that’s near your house is such a clever idea! If I ever visit Arizona, I’ll definitely check this place out!

    1. Thanks Safia!! 🙂

  4. PJ

    Oh, this sounds like so much fun! And the pool sounds pretty amazing. I think I would have stayed in the water as long as I could last…then again a good dessert selection is hard to pass up!

    1. Hi PJ! The pool and lazy river where beyond amazing! We didn’t want to leave 🙂

  5. Sounds like the staycation was near (if not) perfect! I am so glad that you and Boo had a great time! 🙂 The resort hotel sounds really beautiful and serene.

    1. Thanks so much Patricia! 🙂

  6. Looks like you had so much fun! You’re just making me think how much I need a holiday haha x

    1. Hi Lacey! It was truly a relaxing few days!! 🙂

  7. Wow…looks like a fabulous place! I love the whole “old-time” glamour look too! you have me sold! haha

    1. Hi Danielle! I’m totally an “old soul”…. 🙂

  8. Wow! I could really do with a staycaytion right about now!

    1. Hi Tatiana! This Staycation was just what we needed 🙂

  9. Wow…this resort looks amazing! How wonderful that you could share this special Staycation with your son! It sounds like you had a great time. I’ll have to remember this if I ever visit Arizona.

    1. Thanks so much Lori! 🙂

  10. I’m glad you all had a fantastic time. What an awesome idea, especially for the months when little seems to be happening and the weather gets more winterish. I need a staycation now! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!! 🙂

  11. This place looks amazing! Your photos are so gorgeous too and super bright! I wish I could take a trip here, I could do with the break

    1. Thanks so much Sian! 🙂

  12. Sounds like a super fun place to stay. I am glad your son had such a good time.

  13. Wow, this sounds like a wonderful place to take your family. I personally LOVE staycations, especially if there is a neat place like this close by! How fun that you were able to listen to a Scottish Bagpiper!! That was probably an amazing experience for you all. Glad you had a fun time! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie! We had such a fabulous time! 🙂

  14. Florence

    Looks like an enjoyable place. So much to do. Will put in my wish place list

  15. Hi! What a great blog! It’s great to read about how much fun you had with your son…it makes want to drop everything right now and go on vacation, actually, no staycation myself! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you get to go on a staycation very soon 🙂

  16. What a great review. I really enjoyed reading it, and I love it! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Courtney! 🙂

  17. Wow, this place looks so nice and relaxing. Thank you for sharing this great review with us.

    1. Your welcome Reese!

  18. Looks like you had a great time! I’m glad your boy enjoyed it:D So many cool water activities! Thanks for sharing with us:)

  19. That resort looks amazing, and I definitely want visit. Thanks for the review.

    1. Your welcome Veronica! 🙂

  20. Looks lovely! Always nice to have a vacation spot so close to home. I like the looks of the body boarding!!

    1. Thanks Jackie! That was Boo’s fave part of the staycation! 🙂

  21. Wow, what a fabulous time you had, by the sounds! It seems like the Westin Kierland really went out of their way to make both you AND your little boy feel welcome! That is always the sign of a truly great place for families to visit! 🙂

    1. Hi Flossie… they were so wonderful!! 🙂

  22. Wow! this place looks so much fun 🙂 Looks like you guys had awesome time. I would love to visit this place, definitely on my travel list now. Thank you for sharing you experience with us.

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you get a visit here one day 🙂

  23. I love staycation…As i’ve told people a million times they are so underrated. Would you happen to know if they have any sister sites. I’m always looking for new places to go but I’m in OH so going to AZ would be a far cry for a staycation.

    1. Hi Cia… I’m not sure but I think Westin is actually a chain so there may be one near you 🙂

      1. The perfect, I’m going to have to look into this. I love hearing from people about their stay it gives more depth than just reading it on a travel agency site.

        1. Thanks so much Cia! 🙂

  24. I love this review; I really want to visit this place. Are the rates family friendly? Like do they have packages?

    1. Hi Linda, their website offers several options of deals… I’m sure they change seasonally….

  25. This place look like a perfect spot for a staycation! The palm tree line driveway looks so dreamy!

    1. Thanks Eileen! 🙂

  26. Shell, this was awesome!! I’m glad you had a great staycation.. I’m excited about the rides too. My husband likes those rides and water so I’m sure he will take our son to those kind of places someday. My son is only 8 months old for now.

    I’ll check out the place. It looks nice in the pics.. and yes it does have that Hollywood vibe

    1. Thanks Jane! It was such a lovely place to spend a few days… 🙂

  27. Anna

    Never been to Phoenix but thanks for adding to my intrigue. This resort looks fab! and if i’d to choose end of summer treat I would pick somewhere tropical 🙂

  28. Wow, what a fun trip and stay you described here. Looks like a really children friendly place. The pool and the lazy river does sound like the major attraction.

    1. Hi Renuka! It was such a fun place to relax!

  29. marisa

    It looks like you had a blast! there is so much to do there! glad you had a chance to get away before summer ends!

  30. Pat

    oooh!!! looks fun! i love lazy rivers! I would find it hard to leave if i was there! lol!

    1. Hi Pat! It was so hard to leave we had such a great time!

  31. Looks like the resort was a lot of fun. My daughter would have loved the lazy river as well. Whenever we go to a waterpark we always end up going in them. She loves it because its fairly shallow and she can practice swimming a bit too.

  32. Staycations are awesome! Especially if you live in a cool city!

    1. Thanks Nicole! 🙂

  33. Via Bella

    I love when they do the passports for resorts. It makes it so much more fun for parents and kids, I think.

    1. I totally agree! Boo loved it! 🙂

  34. OMG! I can so use a vacation. I have been extremely busy these last three weeks with the hurricanes and helping Family, I am exhausted. I would love a spa trip. Boy oh boy that look like a very relaxing place.

    1. Hi Lavanda I’m so glad to hear you are ok after the hurricane…. You absolutely deserve a spa trip….

  35. This looks like a fantastic place to stay. Looks so relaxing! Great pictures!

    1. Thanks Christine! 🙂

  36. Sounds like you had a great time! I might just have to do that sometime soon, I love spas!

    1. Thanks Jenn! 🙂

  37. This resort is amazing. The lazy river sounds fun.

    1. Hi it really was!!

  38. I’ve always wanted to visit Arizona and Scottsdale has always been at the top of my list. This resort looks amazing and it seems you guys had a great time there!

    1. Thanks so much Erica! 🙂

  39. This looks like ten kinds of fantastic!! The best staycations are the ones that blend relaxation and fun. Glad you had such a great time!

    1. Thanks! This mama absolutely needed this staycation! 🙂

  40. Staycations are so much fun! Looks like you guys had an absolute blast. It’s nice because you didn’t have a whole lot of travel downtime!

    1. Hi Amber! No travel time was absolutely amazing!

  41. Looks like y’all had a blast at this resort! That pool is beautiful! I love lazy rivers! I also love hearing bagpipes play! I bet y’all weren’t bored for one minute, while staying at that resort! 🙂

    1. Hi Shannon we had such a great and fantastic time here!! 🙂

  42. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time! It’s funny how many things we can discover about our own regions when we take the time to explore. Hubby and I live in Maine and went to visit some lighthouses and nautical museums last year and it was wonderful!

    1. Hi Dr.K !!! Maine sounds absolutely lovely….. It’s on my travel bucket list 🙂

  43. I love it! It’s a fun place for the kids and a peaceful one for the parents. It’s definitely a nice place to getaway for the weekend and just relax!

    1. Hi Carol! It was quite a wonderful getaway 🙂

  44. This place looks awesome and makes me want a vacation asap! I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow waterslides either!! 🙂

  45. cherralle

    Such as great accommodation! We also love staycations in our family, such a great way to get some quality family time in and have fun without needing to go away (which is great with children).

    1. Hi Cherralle… this closeness to home made such a great trip!

  46. Both my boyfriend and I love staycation!

    1. We really enjoyed our time here!

  47. Rosey

    I am always looking for a suggestion for a great place to stay. Thank you for sharing this one!

    1. Your Welcome Rosey! 🙂

  48. My husband is obsessed with Arizona! I have never visited but promised him I would go on a trip with him. This resort looks amazing and relaxing!

    1. Hi Alexa if you get to come out this way this is a great resort to stay at! It’s not too far from several Arizona attractions 🙂

  49. We are just starting to consider doing more staycations when time isn’t available for something farther away/longer. It’s totally fun to go stay at a hotel, play at the pool, eat food you don’t normally eat, and explore things in your own backyard you’ve never been to! Your hotel pool and rooms look awesome!

    1. Thanks Amy! This was our first staycation and we totally loved it!!! I especially liked not having a long drive to our vacation like I normally do 🙂

  50. Seems an amazing vacation and stay yo had. And sometimes just a day or two’s stay at such places unwinds you completely ad brings so much of positiveness.

    1. Thanks Jhilmil! 🙂

  51. My kids are crazy lover to stay in Resort. I love the pictures I am sure you guys had a great time. The best part of resorts are that they have lot of open space and big pool this is what my 7 year old says. 🙂

    1. Hi Jiya! My son would agree— the pool area was his fave part of the stay!!

  52. That sounds like such an amazingly special place. I wish the photos were bigger, I would love to see the joy on Boo’s face while he was learning to body surf. What a lovely experience <3

    1. Thanks Michelle! 🙂

  53. I’m oh so jealous! It’s so cold here and soaking up the sun on a resort like that and floating down the lazy river would be a dream right about now1

    1. Hi it was so perfect 🙂

  54. With these photos, I never would have imagined that this hotel was in Arizona! This hotel is so lush and luxurious, great staycation for a family with kids.

    1. Thanks Fred! It was so beautiful there! As I drove up I felt transported someplace other than the AZ desert….

  55. Oh wow, bagpipes! Must have been amazing to watch and listen to them play! Glad to see you had a blast with your staycation! 🙂

    1. Thanks! The bagpipes were absolutely beautiful to listen to….

  56. white

    This one looks fun. I would like to try the surfing especially when the sun is calm. How much is the entrance fee for that? By the way, you got a great day

    1. Hi! I am pretty sure you have to be a guest at the resort to use the pool areas but I’m not sure… They did take our name and room # before we entered the pool area…

  57. this is awesome, glad you got to do all those things, thanks for sharing its wonderful

  58. Oh wow! I love this post! We are always looking for hotels that are VERY family friendly when we go on vacas! And this one obviously is! Thank you so much for this post! Will keep this in mind if we are ever in the area!!

  59. Kelly Reci

    That looks like a great place to visit. Looks so stunning. I really love lazy river. and this must be try. Will definitely check this resort.

    1. Thanks Kelly! You’ll love it!!

  60. Wow, looks like an amazing vacation spot. I’ve always wanted to visit the area.

    1. Hi Sarah… Scottsdale is an amazing place to visit and SO much to do here!!

    2. Hi Sarah… this is a great resort to stay at for a first visit to Arizona! 🙂

  61. This looks like an awesome place to stay, it is also the kind of place we would book when on holiday.

    1. Thanks Sheri!I hope you get to check this one out one day 🙂

  62. Rebecca Swenor

    It is always nice to go on a staycaton so close to home. I love the idea of the Kids club at the resort which makes it fun for the kids. The Scottish Bagpiper would be an interesting experience for sure at the end of the day. Pedicures would be fun along with a massage too. Thanks for sharing your experiences and this awesome resort & spa.

    1. Your welcome Rebecca! 🙂

  63. Looks like a cool resort. The pools look great! Pool side lunch sounds so romantic! We’ve enjoyed that in a resort for my last birthday! Beautiful memories. Having bagpipes music beside would be icing on the cake.

    1. LOL not a romanic lunch hahaha I went with my little boy ( Boo) . We did have a great time though and he was thrilled to eat lunch at the pool 🙂

  64. Ohmummymia

    Sounds like awesome place where you can relax and rest

    1. Thanks it really was 🙂

  65. Great post I live in Scottsdale and played the golf course a bunch of times — one of my favorites. The resort looks awesome will need to make it a staycation!

    1. Hi Michael!! Always nice to meet a local! The course looked absolutely amazing 🙂

  66. Ahh that pool <3 and the body boarding! Looks like such a fun place to stay.

    1. Hi Alison! We had so much fun!

  67. Bea

    Well, this sounds like a fabulous staycation for you & Boo! Sometimes you don’t need to go super far just to get some me (or us) time 🙂 I love the Westin brand, I will make sure to keep that in mind for our future trip to Scottsdale!

    1. Thanks Bea! This was our first experience with Westin but we loved it!!

  68. this resort looks like it is so much fun – i mean the waterslide! thats my jam!!!

    1. Hi Shannon! The waterslide was so fun!! 🙂

  69. Seems like perfect vacation with perfect people at a perfect place.

    1. Aww… thanks so much!! 🙂

  70. What a great review, this sounds amazing!

  71. Sounds like you guys had a great time! I love staycations because it helps me appreciate my own city.

    1. Thanks Amanda!! 🙂

  72. Lucee Santini

    Wow! This looks like a great place to visit. Will definitely check this out. and put on my book mark as my future references for traveling.

    1. Thanks Lucee 🙂

  73. Wow. This place looks amazing. I want to live there!!!

    1. Hi Courtney! We didn’t want to leave 🙂

  74. Josselyn Radillo

    This place looks absolutely incredible!!! I’ll love to go there and stay for a week.

    1. Hi Josselyn ! It was a perfect stay!!

  75. Anything that spells out staycation is great in my book. I love finding new places to check out as my hubby and I love to travel. Will definitely share and show this to him.

    1. Thanks for sharing Angela!! 🙂

  76. What a wonderful experience! If I ever make it to Scottsdale, I know where I want to stay! I’ve been thinking about doing stsycations in my area & this makes m want to do it even more.

    1. Thanks Samantha! 🙂

  77. WOW – that looks like fun! Would love to spend there some time as well. To relax and have fun. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

    1. Thanks Kathrin!! 🙂

  78. Kiwi

    I love a great staycation. I love Westin brands and i would like to explore Az one day!

    1. This was our first experience with Westin and it was absolutely fabulous!

  79. In my experience, Westins have always topped my charts, no matter where they were at! So cool that you for got to experience one close to home with such amazing attractions and amenities with yiur little one! #makingmemories

    1. Thanks Shawna!!! They absolutely went above and beyond to make our stay fantastic! 🙂

  80. Elizabeth O

    That Westin Kierland looks like a unique place to visit. I will surely put this on my book mark as my future references to my next travel visit.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! 🙂

  81. Joanna

    It’s so nice of the staff to have welcomes you and your son with open arms and make sure they are there for you if you need anything. The resort looks lovely and it’s great that they have an area dedicated to children, with the quest to keep them entertained.

    1. Hi Joanna… I was very grateful to this amazing staff! 🙂

  82. Candy Rachelle

    Scottsdale, AZ?!?! Are you kidding me?!? This looks like some wonderful place in FL or the Caribbean. They did a FANTASTIC job with this resort! Glad you guys had a great time.

    1. Hi Candy! It was truly a beautiful and relaxing resort!

  83. Sounds to be an amazing resort with some outstanding staff members. Awesome of them to let your son do the FlowRider by himself, and took some time to work with him alone/

    1. Hi Jeannine… that was the one thing that stood out to me the most and I am so absolutely grateful to this amazing staff!

  84. It sounds an absolute dream….I would need it right now so badly…it is a shame I live so far away and I cannot follow your suggestion but it seems like you had a great time!

    1. Thanks Paola! If you ever come to the Southwest… this is absolutely the place to stay!

  85. That place looks beautiful!! I visited Scottsdale once when I was a senior in high school and I loved it!

    1. Thanks Emily! Scottsdale is such a wonderful place to visit with so much to do!

  86. The Westin Kierland sounds like a dream. I would love to be in a lazy river right now. I really loved your review. I could see me staying here.

    1. Thanks so much Sue! I hope you get to visit here one day! 🙂

  87. Tiara Wilson

    What an amazing review. I have always thought the westin’s were pretty amazing and your review secures that thought!

    1. Thanks so much Tiara! We had a lovely first visit with them!

  88. Sounds like quite a stay! Loved your review. I have always loved Westin properties.

    1. Thanks so much Tanvi!

  89. Kavita Singh

    Wow, looks like a wonderful place for a staycation. Looking at the pictures, I am sure you guys had a wonderful time there. Staycations are my fav as you get loads of time to relax and bond with the family.

  90. I have always wanted to learn how to boogie board on one of those wave jumper things. That looks so cool! How nice that this was all in one area to enjoy you so you dont have to worry about transportation.

    1. Hi Bianca… It was fantastic to have everything we needed at the resort!

  91. Looks awesome! Hope you had a relaxing time!

    1. Thanks Shelby! We had a fabulous time!!

  92. Nicole Flint

    That resort looks so fun! Very nice and detailed review.

    1. Thanks so much Nicole! 🙂

  93. a stay-cation at a place like this would be rather fun I would think. So much to do , no cleaning needed

  94. I love when hotels have Kids Clubs! My oldest is just now eligible for many of those programs.

    1. Hi Marcie, It seems more and more hotels are having activities for the kiddos!

  95. This would be a little more than 45 minutes for me but it still looks gorgeous! Definitely somewhere I need to check out 🙂

    1. Thanks Megan! 🙂

  96. What an amazing staycation! The pool is something of my dreams! My husband and I are hoping to go on a staycation in the spring!

    1. Hi Leah! I hope you have a wonderful trip! 🙂

  97. Aly

    Looks like you guys had an amazing vacation! Great review!

    1. Thanks so much Aly!

  98. I’ve never taken a staycation before, but I love the idea. Plus, it looks like this place was a great place for the whole familiy!

  99. This looks absolutely beautiful! I’m dying to go hit up the pool now! Definitely living vicariously through this post…

    1. Thanks Kate!! 🙂

  100. A staycation sounds amazing! I love when a hotel is nice and the staff is friendly! It’s perfect! That pool looks like so much fun!

    1. Thanks Nina! It was awesome!!:)

  101. This looks like an amazing place for a staycation! Those palm trees look so relaxing!

    1. Hi Eileen, the grounds of the resort were so beautiful!!

  102. Sounds like an amazing staycation. I need one right about now.

    1. Hi Falak! I hope you get one soon 🙂

  103. Lazy rivers are the best! My kids would love the scavenger hunt.

    1. Hi Chelsea, Boo loved the hunt so much! 🙂

  104. I think I stayed at the westin a few yrs ago in Vegas or something. Looks like you had a great time! 😊

  105. I just had to come back and check out this blog post again! I’m really considering looking into taking a vacation here! It looks like such a great vacation spot!!!

    1. Aww thanks so much Shannon!!!

  106. This looks beautiful! Love the pool and lazy river!!

    1. Hi Shelbi! It was so relaxing!

  107. Ugh I wanna go to a spa! Glad you had a good time!

  108. Looks like the perfect place to relax and have fun!

  109. The wave pool looks like so much fun! We love going to family-friendly vacation spots and making memories with our littles.

    1. Thanks Katie!! 🙂

  110. Sounds dreamy luxurious! Never had breakfast brought to me like that, but wouldn’t be upset about it. At all 🙂

    1. Hi Amy… it was AMAZING!!!!! 🙂

  111. Looks like a super fun time!

    1. Thanks Julie! It was fabulous!!!! 🙂

  112. Looks like a great vacation spot! Glad you enjoyed with family!

  113. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I am glad that you had a great time. Ms. Jaylee deserves a good pat on the back She made sure your son had a great time learning how to body board. What a sweet young girl! I will have to remember to check out the \Westin Kierland Resort and spa if and when I get to Scottsdale.

    1. Hi Annemarie! She was absolutely a wonderful young lady and I was so grateful how wonderful she was with Boo!

  114. looks like you had so much fun, Glad to see all those pics and happy faces

  115. Brittany

    Wow I would love a little staycation like this. This year has been so crazy. I would love having a fun break like this.

    1. Hi Brittany! It was most relaxing:)

  116. This sounds a great place for family vacation. My family loves a wave pool and they will surely enjoy it there.

    1. Hi Margarette! It was the perfect place for a family to relax and have fun!

  117. Meagan

    Looks like a fun trip for your family!

  118. Looks like a great staycation you had. The place is perfect for family get away!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah!

  119. looks like a fantastic time!

  120. Wow this resort looks amazing and you all look like you had a fab time! I want to visit. Love all your pics!

    1. Thanks so much Jamie!

    2. Thanks Jamie! 🙂

  121. This looks like so much fun! And then resort looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Christina!! We were so blessed to stay at this amazing resort and had such a lovely time! 🙂

  122. Belinda

    What a lovely review! I love seeing the photos in your posts!

    1. Thanks so much Belinda! 🙂

  123. This just sounds like the perfect getaway to me! It’s one thing to have a lovely hotel in terms of luxury or amenities but it’s another to have such great staff who go the extra mile to make it special.

    1. Thanks Nicole! It was such a relaxing visit!

  124. Looks like you had a fabulous staycation! I love exploring places close to home, and besides the time you save traveling, is more time you get to enjoy your break. Looks like a great place to relax in Scottsdale!

    1. Thanks so much Karrie! 🙂

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