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Traditions, Trains and Tidings of Joy…

I adore the holidays and I LOVE all things Christmas!! I wish I could bottle the Christmas spirit and keep it all year long… Of all my holiday activities, sharing traditions with my children is my favorite. Sharing traditions with my boys that I did as a little girl–it’s such a blessing to be able to share  that with them and fills me with such joy! Making snowball cookies with them like I did with my mom and Nana and eating them with our favorite holiday movies takes me back to when I was a girl. Bundling up with my kids, armed with hot cocoa, driving around to see the lights…. its something my boys can remember years down the road… Decorating our tree together and laughing as we remember each special ornament… I always get a laugh out of David every time I show him the ornament labeled “David: Age: Fetus”  I love that my boys continue the tradition I had as a little girl of winding our toy soldier from the tree as we put our decorations away so he can “live” till the next Christmas. I smile as my youngest looks for places to hang our elf that my mom gave me to share with my children. Long before Elf-On-The-Shelf was common in most households, this cute elf from the 70’s made his appearance for my brother and I every December …

As December is in full swing, our activities have begun! This week Boo and I had fun doing our annual gingerbread house… although this year its a train ! New activities are popping up too that we love so much that I think they will now become some of our fave traditions to look forward to!

Gingerbread Train!
Gingerbread Train!

Tonight I took Boo to Merry Main Street downtown. Such a joy! I can’t believe we never did this before! Ice skating, Santa, joyful music and beautiful lights!!! The smile on Boo’s face and the happy glow of those all around us filled me with such happiness! Valley Metro even transforms one of their light rails into The Polar Express!!!! It doesn’t get better than that!!  Even though Boo is 16, he is developmentally 7 or 8 with his special needs… so he was over the moon excited to see Santa tonight! He was thrilled as we waited in line and when we were next he squeezed my hand and whispered “Mama, does Santa know I was a good boy this year??” I assured him that yes, Santa did know…  (I must add here that this Santa was so loving and kind when he saw Boo had special needs… He was extra patient while Boo tried to get out his words for his list for Santa and kindness literally twinkled from his eyes…) Overall we loved this Merry Main Street so much that when my oldest comes home from college next week, we are planning on taking him down to experience Merry Main Street too! I have a feeling he will love the peaceful feelings of tidings and joy that his little brother and I experienced there tonight…

Santa on Main Street!
Santa on Main Street!

So as we share in our tried and true family traditions, and continue to add new ones, I am filled with joy that I can share these things with my children. It doesn’t matter  how old they get— we still find the Christmas Spirit together …. I would love to hear from my readers… what is your favorite Christmas tradition?



  1. Aww. “Age fetus” love it!

    This was such a sweet post. I hope your holidays are amazing.

    1. Thank you Debbie! I hope you have a wonderful holiday too!

  2. I bet your son loved seeing Santa. One of our favorite traditions is on Christmas Eve we all get new pj’s. we put them on, grab some cookies and we drive around town looking at Christmas lights in our pj’s. my daughter still talks about the time we had to use the restroom and had to find something open on Christmas Eve. We all went into this gas station to use the restroom in our pj’s. She loves that memory

    1. Dawn I love the new pj’s idea! Thanks for sharing your memory! 🙂

  3. I love the gingerbread train – that is sooo cute, and my kids would love it. Did you buy a kit or make it from scratch? I would only be able to do it if it was a kit! We buy an ornament every time we go on a trip, and one ornament every year with the year on it. We also like reminiscing as we unpack them.

    1. Hi Karla! It’s a kit 🙂

  4. I love hearing other people’s Christmas traditions 🙂 Partly because it’s fun to hear how other people celebrate every year, but also because I’m in the market for new traditions. Doll is 18 months old now and before she turns 2 we will have a new tiny family member so I want to find some great traditions that I can do with them that they will remember their whole lives. Of course, we will still do many of the traditions I carry from my family. But for example, growing up we would open a present Christmas Even that was always pajamas. For my family I want the Christmas Even present to be a pillow. Or at least for the adults. I could sure use a new pillow every year and what better time than Christmas Eve?

    1. Jaclyn what a cute idea with the pillows!

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