Lions,Tigers, and Bears… Oh My!


This past week, I was blessed to be given 2 tickets to Howl-O-Ween at our local zoo. Boo was so excited and spent the entire week counting down the days! This morning we had speech therapy and physical therapy and as soon as he was done, he was asking if it was time to go to the zoo. Finally, as the sun began to set and dance its brilliant colors against the sky… it was time! As I helped Boo put on his costume I was reminded of the joy I had as a kid and we used to dress up for Halloween at school…

Getting ready to trick or treat!
Getting ready to trick or treat!!!

As we walked up to the bridge that leads into the zoo, we were delighted with thousands of colorful lights. Entering the zoo, I looked over at Boo and watched him with sheer excitement on his face looking at everything around us. It was a reminder to me that joy should not be found in the material things we possess… it doesn’t matter what we drive, what we wear, or how big our houses are… joy is found by taking the time to really see your child and to feel contentment in their moments of happiness…
There were a lot of people there, understandably, and Boo doesn’t like huge crowds so he hung tight to my hand as we walked along. Then we found the Arizona Trail — lit up for happy trick or treaters . He joyfully walked along trick or treating on the trail and reminded Mama not to eat any of his candy because I’m diabetic.
Boo was James from Pokemon and everywhere we went people recognized him and yelled out, “Team Rocket!” Boo felt like a superstar so many people committed on his costume … Then we saw it. The holy grail of the zoo experience … ok, so maybe I’m a bit dramatic LOL , but this WAS cool! It was beyond cool! As a true 80’s girl I have to say it was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! We got to meet  Ghostbusters! Boo was thrilled to see their amazing car and meet this great group of guys and gals! Someone said they were part of the AZ Ghostbusters group and let me tell you… they looked great! I still remember sitting in a theater and watching this with my mom when I was a kid and this group absolutely looked authentic!

What a blast to meet Ghostbusters!
What a blast to meet Ghostbusters!!!

As we were finishing up and heading towards the exit, Boo grabbed my arm and said , “Mama! This was AWESOME!!!” His joy was infectious and had me smiling too… Yes, Boo, it was awesome and I am so grateful to be your mama and share these moments with you… To all my readers, have a wonderful and safe Halloween this Monday and I’d love to for you to share with me here what your favorite Halloween activity has been so far this season…