Silver linings...

The Battle of the Blue Jeans

We all know the feeling…. your jeans get a little snug. Even if you have to suck your breath in, (because this magically makes us skinnier) you defeat the odds and button them up… Well my friends, I’m here to confess that not only have my jeans gotten, let’s just say snug, they are just plain uncomfortable!

Although I was never athletic I maintained a healthy weight. After my first son was born I was in size 8 jeans. My second pregnancy had me on bedrest and the weight packed on. Boo decided to come into this world 7 ½ weeks early and I was so worried for my little son I began to eat to cope with stress. I gained and gained. I would lose a little then BOOM! It found its way back to my hips. When my kids were 7 and 11, my husband left us for what he couldn’t wait to tell me was a  younger, fun person. Not only was I devastated and hurt, I felt if I had not gained the weight he might not have left. That was totally irrational, but it’s hard to have rational thoughts when your world is tumbling. Even feeling that way though… I ate, and ate and ate my way thru the stress…

Rock bottom for me was searching for a dress for my brothers’ wedding. I wanted a cute dress to wear. Nothing fit… by then I was over 250lbs and in a size 22/24. All the dresses big enough for me had me in tears. I ended up wearing black slacks and a top to the wedding. I’m sure it was nice, but I felt in my heart I had to make a change. I had to get healthy, for me, and for my kids.

I came home and changed my life completely. I didn’t diet, I just started eating healthier and no junk food. I cut out pop and drank mostly water. I started walking everyday. I kept at it and before I knew it the weight was coming off!

With my boys when I was at a weight my A1C levels were normal
With my boys when I was at a weight my A1C levels were normal



When I got down to 230 I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was devastated! How could that happen!?! I had LOST weight! Regardless, whether it was genetics ( it runs in my family) or if it was a result of my weight, I am now diabetic. I decided to tackle it full throttle; I asked my Dr to send me to a diabetic boot camp of sorts. I took in everything the instructors said as biblical teaching. Measuring and counting everything that went in my mouth and pricking my finger a zillion times a day—it’s awful, but necessary. Within a year I was overjoyed when a size 14 zipped up for me! Size 12??? I screamed for joy in the Kohls’ dressing room hooting and hollering on the phone to Nana that they FIT!!! Those old size 24’s??? DONATED!

This past year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia as well… It’s hard because it is not a disease people can see and they tend to think nothing is wrong with you. I, however, live in constant pain. I have good days and bad days. My Dr is fantastic at helping me to find methods to ease my pain. However, lately, I find myself more and more not walking because I’m overtired or sore. This is a huge mistake I need to correct and I’m putting this out into the World Wide Web to help hold myself accountable… I need to start walking again everyday, I need to be more diligent in my food consumption. I need to be the best me I can be.

Yesterday, the battle of the blue jeans once again reared its ugly head… not only do my jeans feel tight, I have gained back quite a bit of weight. I weighed in today at 199. More than the weight bothers me, I am scared to get the results of my next diabetic A1C test… One month, one day at a time… Four weeks from today I will let you all know how I am doing, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear from you all… What are your weight loss obstacles and how do you overcome them?