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It’s The Great Pumpkin, Boo…

How early is too early when it comes to holiday decorating? My oldest son is a traditionalist…. Oct 1st is time to decorate for Halloween and I believe he would prefer his mother to wait at least till Dec 1st to break out the Christmas decorations… I however, thrive on decorating my house on Thanksgiving Day! Sometimes I practice much restraint and manage to wait until the day after Turkey Day but it is with much difficulty…. 🙂

My younger son, however, would have the house decorated for the holidays 365 days a year if I would let him LOL! By the end of August he asks me on a daily basis if it’s time for Halloween. It brings him much joy to help decorate the house and I have to admit seeing him so excited  really puts me in the holiday spirit! The first year my oldest went off to college, my youngest asked if we could decorate for Christmas a few days into November…. I thought about it and said why not?? He was lit up like a Christmas tree with his excitement— and it was contagious…. I too, was suddenly in the holiday spirit!

So, the question remains…. How early is too early to decorate? In the beginning of September, my son and I entered a craft supply store. The first aisle we saw had fall/Thanksgiving décor. My first though was, “Thanksgiving? Isn’t this about the time the stores start rolling out Halloween décor??” Although I am a lover of decorating early, I still would never dream of Christmas decorating in September! Yet, this store had 5, YES FIVE aisles of Christmas décor behind the fall stuff…. That’s not even counting the 2 large aisles of Christmas trees they had on display! In. September. Oh my, even me, the person all my friends and family knows likes to decorate early, even I felt this was just too early… Boo, however, smiled so bright Santa could see it from the North Pole! He took a deep breath and sighed, “Oh Mama!!!! Christmas is HERE!!!!”

So although we looked at every Christmas trinket they had to sell , and Boo gazed with happiness at the zillion Christmas lights twinkling in our mist, we restrained from buying anything… We returned home and went about our day.
Today however, we did decorate for Halloween—10 days before October 1st. Too early for some, I’m sure, but just right for us… Boo was so excited to get out our box of Halloween stuff and we had a great time laughing and giggling as we transformed our house into Halloween Central…image

We all have different traditions when it comes to decorating for the holidays, but no matter how or when you get into the holiday spirit is up to you. I’d love to hear how or when your own families get into the holiday spirit!


  1. I live in a development where everyone decorates extremely early…. I decorate for Halloween the beginning of October, Thanksgiving the beginning of November, and Christmas after Thanksgiving.

  2. I’ve never been one to decorate for Halloween, but now that I have a child, it seems to happen a little bit more. I love seeing her get excited for the holidays!

  3. Jen

    I think you should decorate for the holidays whenever it feels right. If it makes you and Boo happy to do it a month early, I say go for it! 🙂

  4. I’m like you! I love to decorate early! I do think the stores could slow down but I love decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. My little ones get so excited too! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think you should decorate whenever you want. The earlier the better in my opinion, but I am always quick to take it down after the holiday. Always onto the next thing.. 😀 When you have kids it just feels like an endless cycle of things to celebrate. Christmas, Easter, my boys birthdays in Feb and May, mothers day, fathers day.. Here in OZ we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and are only just in the last couple of years starting to get into Halloween.
    We always have a laugh at the fact that Hot Cross Buns always start getting made as soon as the shops open again after Christmas. Which I do not complain about as I LOVE hot cross buns!!! YAY for the holidays!

  6. It is never too early to start decorating and getting ready for holidays. I don`t decorate my house, but I get super excited when I have to decorate my classroom!!

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