Silver linings...

Perfectly Imperfect Day

Do you ever have one of those days??? Sometimes I feel like all of my days are one of those days… my week is hectic and crazy but honestly I would not change one moment of it. Six days a week I take my special needs son to therapies. (OT, PT, HAB 2x, Music therapy and Speech) Two days a week I go to PT to help with my Fibromyalgia. In between all this therapy, I homeschool Boo and try to manage my diabetes. When things get overwhelming I remind myself of how truly lucky we are and that although life can be a roller coaster, it’s an awesome ride!


Speaking of enjoying the ride…Let me tell you what happened this morning. First of all, I am a morning person. I am up by 5:30am and there is no joy I love more than watching the sunrise. Boo is normally up by 6:30: all smiles, fresh faced and ready for his day…. Except today… the day we had to be at Music therapy at 8am… At 7:15 I realized not only was my son not up, but we had to be out the door in exactly 5 minutes! I knocked on his door, no answer. I opened his door and said “Get up Boo! We have to hurry!” I was treated to a bear like growl from under his pile of blankets that did not sound anything at all like my sweet little boy… The look I received as he slowly made his way down the stairs (a sloth could move faster) was one of deepest regret that he should be saddled with a mother who has dared to wake him from this blissful sleep… He slinked into the car where I handed him a plate of homemade waffles (ok, hahaha, they were frozen and heated in toaster—no mom of year award for me LOL) By the time we got to music, he was my go-happy, pleasant Boo, “Today will be great I thought! Nothing else can go wrong!”

Life is better when you're laughing...
The imperfect moments make life worth living!


Music went great and he had much fun… we left there ready to seize the day! Until we got in the car, and I realized my sugar was low… sigh… diabetic girl problems…. No problem! I always keep a snack in my purse! I happily took out a Ziplock bag with cashews in it. I noticed a pleasant flowery smell as I pulled the bag from my purse and wondered why, but like all moms I simply ate what was deep in the abyss of Mordor, I mean my purse… I poured some nuts into my hand and popped them in my mouth. I quickly found out what the flowery smell was from. A quick glance in my purse confirmed that one of my MANY bottles of hand sanitizer had opened and was completely empty… where did it go? Seeking refuge in my bag of nuts apparently… My first thought was “OMG! Will I get sick from ingesting this??” Then 2 seconds later , “Naw… but I sure do have flowery breath…” Yes, flowery… not that I’ve ever eaten flowers before, but if I did I’m sure this is what they would taste like…


So…I lived. 🙂  It takes a lot more than eating some hand sanitizer to take this mom out… now I’m off to make myself a salad…. maybe with some flowers?

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Just because....

7 Reasons My Best Friend is Better Than A Guy….

While wandering through the endless sea of the internet, one idea keeps popping back at me and when I see it, I think, “Oh my gosh so true….” What I have seen are countless memes with characters of best friends from a TV series with the phrase “You are my person…”

My BFF, Heather Dawn, has been the one constant in my life since our junior high days… Since we were not quite 13, till now at the ripe old age of ( well, let’s just say past 39) she knows all my deepest darkest secrets, and I hers… She knows all my wishes, regrets, joys and fears. She knows that I am always there for her just like she is for me. No. Matter. What. She has seen me through everything from first broken hearts, to first bras, to marriage, babies, divorce and healing. Over the years I learned that boys come and go… men break vows… but best friends??? My best friend is my constant. She is my person…

Me with braces and my bestie at 14 yrs old....
Me with braces and my bestie at 14 yrs old….

So, in honor of my bestie, here is my top 7 reasons my BFF is better than a guy:

1)Even if we argue, we always make up. She never takes off and just finds a new, younger, more fun best friend… oh wait, that was my ex husband 😉

2) She loves me just the way I am and does not expect me to change. She accepts my flaws and imperfections as part of what makes me, me.

3)She always tells me I look great even when I’m sending her a morning selfie with my frizzy morning hair sticking out in every single direction and I look like something my cat dragged in.

4) In school, we spent every waking moment together… in class, on the bus, at each other’s houses… And when we weren’t together, we were on the phone. You know the one with the really long, long cord tied to a wall LOL… My dad would get frustrated and say ” Don’t you two EVER run out of things to say to each other?? She was JUST here…” Guess what Dad? 28 years later and my bestie is usually the first person I talk to when I wake up and the last before I go to sleep… oh and in between, if we are not talking off and on during the day, we are texting. Constantly.

5) Speaking of phones, I have to add that my bestie is the only person who I can be totally comfortable being on the phone and saying nothing at all… NOTHING….. Sometimes when you’re a busy mom , multitasking a million things… it’s nice to have someone who doesn’t expect you to fill a void of silence every single second… yet she knows your every thought.

6) She never judges me. No matter how insane, crazy or off the wall my choices may be, she’s just like, whatever…. That’s just my BFF…

7) We can’t keep secrets from each other… one of us will say “I have to confess XYZ to you…” and the other one just smirks and is like ” Ya, well I knew that ages ago just waiting for you to tell me…”

So Heather Dawn,

You are the Laverne to my Shirley…the Lucy to my Ethel…the Betty to my Wilma…

You are my person.

Sweet 16 and ski trip with my Bestie :)
Sweet 16 and ski trip with my Bestie 🙂


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Silver linings...

A Day in the Life of a Geek Mom….

Hello! Welcome to The Sun Mama ! I’m Shell Maria, mom to two wonderful boys. I am a diabetic and have fibromyalgia so life can get fairly hectic… ( or tired LOL)

I homeschool my youngest son, who has special needs. He was diagnosed at 3 on the Autism Spectrum with PDD NOS. At 6 he was given a secondary diagnosis of severe cognitive and developmental delays. Several years ago I pulled him from our school district that was not providing for my child with his best interests at heart… His program was ended, he was mainstreamed and could not keep up. He was bullied on the playground and in the classroom. He had stomach pains at the thought of going to school. At the time, his IEP had a goal of reading and comprehending at kindergarten level and yet he was being expected to read and understand a 6th grade level reader… When I pulled him out to homeschool, I got my son back… My sweet, happy wonderful Boo! Boo has thrived with me homeschooling him and is the happiest little guy you will ever meet! He loves learning and reading and spending time with Mama. We fill our days with learning, living and enjoying the blessings of life…
My oldest son, David, is amazingly sweet… He is patient, kind and loving to his little brother. When he went off to college, he knew that not only would Boo miss him, he knew that with his special needs it would be even harder… he called him every night to say goodnight. Every. Single. Night. …just so he could ask his little brother about his day and tell him goodnight. How many teenage boys would do that?? Especially when they are off at school? Speaking of school, this mama needs to brag a bit! David is on a 4 year scholarship at CORNELL!!! I feel that I am a fairly intelligent, well-read person, but sometimes when I talk to him I have NO idea what he is talking about so I just nod and try to look like I understand LOL…. He’s a great kid who loves writing, drawing and hiking. David loves writing fanfiction and short stories.

My kids and I love cooking new recipes, days at the library and geeking out over our favorite fandoms… We are passionate about Harry Potter (Boo and I are Gryffindor, David is Hufflepuff), Lord of the rings (we love our Hobbits!) and (Star Wars–the originals of course) Star Trek is a religion in our house and we always remember that Goonies never say die… Please follow The Sun Mama as I start this blogging adventure and share my sometimes crazy, but always blessed life of being a mama…

mama love :)
mama love 🙂
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